Achy lower back? Shoulders? Tight neck? Have you been searching out solutions to your upper body issues, but haven't been ready to commit to personal training? Structure was created to provide a comprehensive approach to addressing movement, stability and strength limitations. Using a group setting, this specialty program will help you:

Get out of pain; Improve true mobility; Address faulty movement patterns and weaknesses;

This is done to assess imbalances and deficiencies that could or have lead to injuries. Through a series of tests where we will make the participant go through correct movement patterns, we will determine what it is the most likely cause of the problem and how to fix it. We will then, establish a plan moving forward to make sure we tackle the issue correctly and (re)create the necessary foundation so that the issue does not pop up again in the next (and every) 6 weeks.

Each guided 90 minute session will take athletes through a range of mobility and strength exercises, many of which will be new to most athletes. Emphasis will be placed on proper muscle engagement and movement pattern enhancement. The goal of each session is to help you feel what you need to feel and incorporate that into movements under intensity to help you create the proper torque and muscular tension while moving faster. 

During each session, we will isolate certain muscles, integrate them into more familiar movements, and add some intensity and hypertrophy to those movement patterns. This will help you gain a better understanding of how to incorporate these movement patterns into your day-to-day training. This program will help you move safer, better, and faster. You will also be provided short pre-class warm-ups and accessory homework to help address your individual issues.