What to expect in a TorqueFit Training Session


These will always be done with exercises to increase body temperature to be ready for training!


Here we are looking to build strength and tissue.  We do so through squat, hinge, push, pull movements with body weight or other training tools such as kettlebells. 

High Intensity Interval Training:

This is a form of interval training with short periods of intense anaerobic exercise.  We are looking for max intensity!  Having intensity is best done in a group setting to truly push mental and physical boundaries. Beyond routine conditioning, true intensity work moves beyond the usual domains and aims to “scare” the system into rising to the next notch. This portion of the programming is not necessarily targeting the muscles, but mental fortitude and truly anaerobic threshold so don’t be let down if you can’t complete it every time. In fact, it’s designed that way. If by the end of these sessions you aren’t cursing the coaches name, you may need to reconsider your efforts.

Structure Work: 

This would be considered your accessory work and will be specifically used to ensure the structure is strong and balanced to handle both training and sport. You will use both traditional and unique exercises to rebuild your foundations and further grow from there.


This where we would perform movements to bring the body back to the parasympathetic nervous system.