Our 3,800 square-foot box in Woodbury boasts two special features you won’t find at any other Training Center or Weightlifting club: we have full access to baseball diamond, 400 meter track and a football field! TSC is unlike any other gym you’ve seen before.

We have all the cool strength and conditioning toys you love:

  • 40 ft Rig with 8 attached squat racks, 3 Power racks, 2 Stand alone squat racks, Westside Bench Press

  • 7 weightlifting platform, jerk blocks

  • high quality olympic weightlifting barbells

  • powerlifting specialty barbells (squat bar, deadlift bar, safety squat bar, football bar)

  • thousands of lbs of steel plates and hundreds of kilos of bumper plates

  • dumbbells range from 5lbs to 130lbs

  • kettle bells, wall balls, climbing ropes

  • yokes, sleds, prowlers, rope pulls

  • StrongFit sandbags 40lbs-300lbs, atlas stones specialty stones up to 300 lbs +

  • rowers, air dyne

  • ghd machine, reverse hyper, lat pull and low row machine

  • our newly installed showers to help you get cleaned up after a workout! We also have a 400 meter track, football field and baseball diamond for some "out of the box" fitness fun too.