Catapult Weightlifting Seminar


When: Saturday, April 27

Time: (2-5pm, food and drinks to follow) here at TSC

Coaches: Vinh Huynh and Tyler Reiter

Price: $50 for the first 10 registrations then goes to $75 after

Who: This seminar is geared towards anyone who uses the Olympic Lifts in training or coaches it. So Weightlifters, athletes, and coaches.

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Goal of the course

Other Information: As many of you know Catapult Weightlifting is something Don McCauley has developed over the years - and with his consent, he's given his approval to call our seminar a Catapult Seminar. Please note, Don will not be there and I will be coaching it.

This methodology is something I've picked up from coaching along side Don, in addition to following his posts regarding technique. Also, it's a philosophy I've coached and used with many of our athletes over the years. This includes new and newer Weightlifters (those who I coach at the High School Level), and our veteran Weightlifters. Many of times I've been told by other coaches that I need to get our athletes to move their feet, jump them into position, etc. Funnier thing, these comments are usually in reference to our best athletes.

Why should you attend? It's a philosophy/style our program has used that has helped us develop 4 athletes who've been named to Team USA. We've also developed National and American Open Finals champs and medalists with this technique. Simply this technique works, and I've modified it to work for athletes of all body sizes.

Proceeds from this seminar will also be a fundraiser for upcoming 2019 meet expenses: Nationals; Jr. Pan Am in Cuba; Youth Nationals, and American Open Finals.

·  Snatch

o    Technique

o    Strength Work

·  Clean and Jerk

o   Technique

o   Strength Work