With a legendary and diverse coaching staff At Torque Strength & Conditioning, our coaches aren’t just coaches. They’re experts, doctors, competitors, and champions. With a team of legends like these cheering you on, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.

We are able to provide the most well encompassed programs on the east side of the twin cities. With an addictive atmosphere that promotes community, growth, and positivity. You will never want to leave!


Never want to write up your own workout again?

At Torque Strength & Conditioning, we offer a multitude of workout programs. The best part? Costs are included in your membership agreement. Whether you prefer to workout solo, or with a group you have the option to do both AND you will always have access to a personal coach. Check out our program options below!

Torque GPP

Torque GPP is for the general population and includes functional training for EVERYONE. We pride ourselves on being a fully scalable program. From professional athletes to sedentary men and women just looking to lose weight, our program can have a life changing impact. We believe if you have a body, you’re an athlete and you ought to train like one. All you’ve got to do is show up.

Torque Barbell

Torque Barbell consists of programs geared towards Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, super total, and sports specific programs for middle school, high school and college athletes.


Torque Fit is foundational training for everyday health seekers who want a great workout!





Our 3,800 square-foot box in Woodbury boasts two special features you won’t find at any other Training Center or Weightlifting club: we have full access to baseball diamond, 400 meter track and a football field! We’re not just a gym. We’re "outside the box." Literally.

We have all the cool strength and conditioning toys you love:

40 ft Rig with 8 attached squat racks, 3 Power racks, 2 Stand alone squat racks, Westside Bench Press

7 weightlifting platform, jerk blocks

high quality olympic weightlifting barbells

powerlifting specialty barbells (squat bar, deadlift bar, safety squat bar, football bar)

thousands of lbs of steel plates and hundreds of kilos of bumper plates

dumbbells range from 5lbs to 130lbs

kettle bells, wall balls, climbing ropes

yokes, sleds, prowlers, rope pulls

StrongFit sandbags 40lbs-300lbs, atlas stones specialty stones up to 300 lbs +

rowers, air dyne

ghd machine, reverse hyper, lat pull and low row machine

our newly installed showers to help you get cleaned up after a workout! We also have a 400 meter track, football field and baseball diamond for some "out of the box" fitness fun too.

The only thing we’re missing is the most powerful machine of all - you.



Our goal at Torque Strength & Conditioning is to help people change their lives for the better here in Woodbury. Stories like these that let us know we’re achieving that goal and inspire us to always get better!