All or nothing mindsets around the new year

It's the New Year! And with that comes hopes, dreams, resolutions but also a tendency to fall back into past cycles of failure when it comes to goal setting. Let's make this year different when it comes to goals. Now is a great time to do some self reflection and to learn and grow from your past experiences. One of the biggest causes of failure when it comes to goals is being unrealistic with yourself and your obstacles.  Often that stems from an all or nothing mindset. Is this you on a daily basis?

You missed a workout: "Well screw it I will eat whatever I want for dinner what is the point?"
You start your day with a donut: "That's it. I can't recover from this. Might as well grab some fast food for lunch and go out to eat for dinner my health day is already done"

The failure here is trying to be perfect in an imperfect world, trying to be everything  #progressnotperfection will get you to your goals!

How can you improve and work on the all or nothing mindset? 1. Avoid the temptation to over generalize!  Watch the words like, "always, never, forever, etc..."

2. Be logical: Would you rather be perfect or progressing?

3. Change your mental filter..try to always look at the positive instead of the negative. Practice your daily gratitudes!

4. Watch your tendency for jumping to conclusions...take a step back, breathe, think....

5. Don't "should" on yourself for the past. "I should have done this_________, I should have done that___________."

6. Focus on what you can do today! Stay present!

7. Be aware of emotional reasoning... just because you failed doesn't mean you are a FAILURE! Separate your actions from how you are as a person!  We fail our way to success!!

8. Try not to take everything personally, take a step back and reevaluate the situation

9. Dial back from magnifying a problem and hyper-focusing on it (which builds on the negativity)

10. Celebrate the small victories

Here is to a healthier, happier, progression filled 2019!