At CrossFit 1080, our coaches aren’t just coaches. They’re experts, doctors, competitors, and champions. With a team of legends like these cheering you on, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.


Tyler Reiter


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Tyler Reiter has been a Strength and Conditioning Coach for 9 years and started lifting weights when he was only 12, so when he says he specializes in weightlifting and powerlifting, he means it. “My coaching is abstract, in your face, sincere, and truthful,” he says. “I will get you where you want to go as an athlete and a person.”

Tyler played college Football at Augsburg where he earned honors and also professional football for three years in the SPFL, where his team was league champion three years running. He’s also been the Physical Director at the YMCA, Programming Director at CrossFit Okoboji, run strength and conditioning workshops at several gyms and been a guest speaker at universities on programming for strength and conditioning.



  • Exercise Science Degree - Augsburg University


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Level 2
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting
  • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
  • USA Advanced Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
  • USA Weightlifting Club Coach
  • StrongFit Seminr
  • StrongFit Coaches Week 1

Peter Hansen

Operations Director

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Peter started to enjoy fitness junior year of high school because of hockey. I was introduced to Crossfit in 2011 while serving in the UnitedStates Marine Corps stationed in Hawaii. My buddy got me started and we received our CFL1 the same weekend. While in the gym I enjoy heavy snatches and the metcons where you have to go to that dark place to survive. I am a packer fan, wild fan, and love to hunt and fish.



  • CrossFit Level 1

Tim Sheehan

crossfit coach


Tim Sheehan is ranked 4th in the world for competitive kite surfing. He says his specialties include skipping hard metcons, food, and picking stuff up off the ground. As far as coaching goes, he believes that when people do the hard work, results will follow. His favorite quote is “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”



  • CrossFit Level 1

Lexie Routt



Membership Lead and Assistant CrossFit Coach Lexie Routt has been CrossFitting for eight years and specializes in gymnastics. She got into CrossFit after working with her dad at an Air Force gym when she was only 15. “We saw some people in the corner doing handstands and other crazy things,” she said. “We approached them since it looked like they were having fun, and since then I’ve been hooked.”

She loves the family atmosphere at CrossFit 1080. “I truly love going into my gym every day and getting to chat with people who are genuine friends and know more about them as a person rather than just how much they can lift,” she says.



    • CrossFit Level 1
    • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
    • CPR
    • First Aid

    Simona Boler


    Communication Lead Simona Boler lost nearly 35 lbs. doing kettlebell bootcamps, and she’s been sharing her love for them ever since. Simona likes to challenge her members to step out of their comfort zone. She knows that’s the only way to get stronger inside and out!

    When Simona isn’t at the gym, you’ll find her running 5Ks and 10Ks for fun. But her biggest passion is definitely being a mom to her four wonderful daughters!



        • RKC Kettlebell Trainer
        • TRX
        • NETA Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates, Cycle and Bootcamp Instructor
        • Massage Therapist
        • CrossFit Level 1

        Kirsten Holthaus



        Kirsten Holthaus is CrossFit 1080’s rehabilitation and mobility specialist. She says she’s lucky to be able to work with people of all ages at CrossFit 1080 and help them see incredible results. “It makes me the happiest person in the world knowing that all of their hard work is paying off and they can personally see it,” she says. “Their confidence level just grows!”

        Kirsten played soccer for 18 years and has been a personal trainer for five. Her favorite quote is “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”



              • Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science

              Colin Huntington

              CROSSFIT COACH


              Colin Huntington began his journey into fitness when he watched his mother try to recover from a back injury. She had surgeries and medications and “ultimately was misdiagnosed for a problem that could be solved in a natural way: strength.” Colin took what he learned during his mother’s ordeal and began to apply it to his own life and then to others. He got certified to coach to give other people the “tools to set themselves up for success.



                    • CrossFit Level 1
                    • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

                    Karl Streit

                    CROSSFIT COACH


                    Karl Streit says, “Everything is a work in progress. Nothing beats the feeling of looking back 1 week, 2 months, or 3 years and seeing how far you’ve come.”

                    Karl got into CrossFit at the suggestion of a friend. He thought he was in good shape already, but trying his first WOD busted him. He capped out halfway through, and he was immediately hooked. “As I progressed in CrossFit, I quickly learned that I enjoyed helping others achieve success even more than I enjoyed succeeding, myself,” he says. “CrossFit is my passion, and I want to share it with everyone who is interested.”



                            • CrossFit Level 1

                            Sara Butcher

                            CROSSFIT COACH

                            DSC05514 copy.JPG

                            Sara comes from a competitive background competing in team sports such as hockey, soccer, and lacrosse. She is still playing hockey today. Friendly competitions are what she enjoys most about CrossFit.  

                            “I got into CrossFit because I was still craving that aggressive environment I grew up playing in sports that you can’t get from any gym doing bicep curls. This is a tight knit community and we all are a team and just like teams will push you harder, so will your friend trying to get one more rep.”

                             She enjoys constantly trying new things and setting new goals to accomplish. This is also the approach she takes with coaching. “I want my athletes to not be afraid of trying new things because they are afraid of failure. Everyone was a beginner once and you won’t improve unless you really put yourself out there, fail a lot, and try again.” 


                                    • CrossFit Level 1

                                    Bob Jones

                                    WEIGHTLIFTING COACH


                                    Bob Jones has been weightlifting competitively for 12 years, so he’s the ideal coach for CrossFit 1080 members who want to raise their lifting technique to an elite level.

                                    Bob’s awards list is as impressive as his strength, and includes being a member of the USA Weightlifting Team in the 1980s, 1987 National Championships (2nd place), 1987 Olympic Festival (gold medal), 1987 Moomba International (gold medal), 1988 National Championships (3rdplace), 1988 Olympic Trials (2nd place), 1989 National Championships (2nd place), 1989 World Championships (10th place), and so many more.


                                    Tony Morelli

                                    WEIGHTLIFTING COACH

                                    DSC05568 copy.JPG

                                    Tony Morelli enjoys the teaching component of coaching. “Program design and all that is fun, but implementation of the skills and exercises is what I love the most,” he says.

                                    Tony has been a competitive weightlifter for two years and has had three big wins in the past few years: 2015 Minnesota LWC Championship (3rdplace), 2015 Minnesota Open (2nd place), 2016 Minnesota LWC Championship (4th place).

                                    “I’ve always loved and done Olympic lifts since high school, but I never got the push to compete,” he says. “Finally, in 2014, Coach Tyler gave me the push I needed, and I’ve been competing ever since.”



                                    • B.A. in Health Fitness - Augsburg College
                                    • M.Ed. in Kinesiology - University of Minnesota


                                                • NSCA CSCS

                                                Rockford Williams

                                                BOOTCAMP COACH


                                                Rocky Williams says he truly loves everything about the process of coaching CrossFit. “Combining the energy from a group of people and using it to push ourselves to new limits gives me a high,” he says. “I love that we are all different people, but come together to achieve one goal. I love seeing improvement from one week to the next. I love building with them. I love struggling with them. Love it all.”

                                                Rocky says training is his true passion. “I believe that if you stay true to yourself and apply yourself to your work, that winding road may bring you to some awesome destinations,” he says. “This has definitely been one of those destinations. I’m just enjoying the ride.”


                                                Lars Petersen

                                                DOCTOR OF PHYSICAL THERAPY


                                                Lars Petersen is committed to working around and resolving pain. “I see people all day long that aren’t able to do the things they love because of pain, and it is so rewarding to help them get moving again and enjoy the activities they thought they could no longer do,” he says.

                                                Lars’ favorite quote comes from one of his role models, MobilityWOD creator Kelly Starrett: “All human beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves.”



                                                          • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
                                                          • CrossFit Level 1

                                                          Stephanie Kowalik

                                                          yoga and mobility coach


                                                          Yoga and Mobility Coach Stephanie Kowalik uses the energetics of yoga to rejuvenate the body and mind. She started doing yoga seven years ago after the birth of her son and instantly knew it was something she wanted to do for the rest of her life. “Yoga is beneficial for everyone,” she says. “There is always something to gain from each practice.”

                                                          Stephanie also works as a pediatric/oncology nurse at Children’s Hospital. Her favorite quote is “Transformation comes not by adding things on but by removing what didn’t belong in the first place.” — Baron Baptiste


                                                                  • RYT200




                                                                  Braeden Cordts

                                                                  Membership and Communications Director

                                                                  DSC07292 (1).JPG


                                                                  • B.S. Human Biology, Pursuing Doctor of Chiropractic



                                                                            • CrossFit Level 1