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"We are excited to announce our new Thrive Program here at Torque. This program is broken down into 3 phases to help empower you to excel with your wellness goals and take your health to the next level. Phase 1 will be about laying a health foundation; Phase 2 will be building on to that foundation and Phase 3 is all about maintaining your success and health goals. 

Thrive Phase 1: A 6-week intro which includes 3 + days a week of workouts at Torque. You will be coached by Tyler Reiter who has been a Strength and Conditioning Coach for 12 years and has owned Torque for over 5 years. Tyler has been the guest speaker at various universities on programming and movement for strength and conditioning and travels internationally coaching movement specialty. You will also receive a 6-week PDF workbook that is yours to have created by our Torque health coach who has over 21 years of experience in health and wellness. The focus will be on motivation, nutrition, habit formation and creating your new health foundation.

Thrive Phase 2: An add-on 6 week program that includes another PDF workbook that takes you on a deeper dive into topics of health and wellness, you will continue your 3+ days a week of workouts at Torque with Tyler and the focus will be on handling plateaus, emotional eating, stress management, improving sleep habits, social obstacles around being health and building self-resilience for long term sustainability and success.

Thrive Maintenance: After you have completed our Thrive 12 week Program you are invited to join our continuing maintenance program. This includes your 3+ day a week workout at Torque and continued support through your journey.

Included in this program and all phases is an invite to a private Facebook support group specific to our Thrive participants. The Facebook page will be facilitated by a health coach and will be a place for support and coaching."


 6 Weeks Unlimited Training Sessions, coaching, workshops, nutrition and support!

·         Participants are required to attend a minimum of 3 training sessions a week plus 1 additional session per week and can build their own schedule based on the open classes TSC offers. If you want to go to more training sessions you can! You have unlimited access to all programs.

·         TSC provides 4 sessions per week offered exclusively to challenge participants.

·         Pre and Post measurements/weigh-ins.

·         Meal plans and Wellness System

·         Goal Setting and Lifestyle Workshop

·         Nutrition Workshops


-Phase 1- $250

-Phase 2- $250

-Maintenance- $250

Thrive Session Times


7:30 PM


7:30 PM


7:30 PM


6:30 PM

*In addition to the Thrive training sessions you may attend all other programs here at TSC.

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