My Fitness Journey: Nick Puente III

Hello fitness community

I am writing this article to speak out to the people who are beginning or struggling their own fitness journey. If you are someone who is on the fence about starting your own fitness journey and looking for a life change, then keep reading. My name is Nick Puente III and I started at Torque Strength & Conditioning in December of 2016.  I started my own fitness quest to make a better me, but I had trouble with knowing what I was doing. With those struggles I decided to reach out and seek help, that lead me to Torque Strength & Conditioning. Going into it I already lost 48lbs and thinking hey I’m in shape. My first 2 weeks I was just doing body weight exercises like pushups, jump roping, burpees, etc. After just doing those movements I realized I was still not in the best shape.  From there on I asked myself “What do I have to lose,” so I continued my journey at TSC.  From there I lost another 30lbs and gain 12lbs of muscle in a year and I’m not the youngest of the members and I’m not the oldest member but the coaching staff have help me overcome any doubts of my capabilities.

Not only has Torque Strength & Conditioning help me lose weight and gain muscle but I have made a new family.  Without my CrossFit family I would not be where I am today.  Fitness should be fun not a downer and you don’t have to be the strongest to get in shape.  All you need to do is your best and give everything you got.  It does not matter whether it’s once a week or seven days a week anything is better than sitting on the couch letting life pass you by. For those of you out there wondering if this fake or real I’m putting myself out there and I have always been a big guy and now fitness is my life.  I love working out pushing myself to the limits.  I always wanted to be a hero and after starting and fitness journey, I know I have become just that, to my friends and family. Now it’s time to work towards something even greater; I want to become a Legend; you may ask why?  Well that’s because Legends never die. My story is a simple one of hard work and overcoming major obstacles in my life.  Love yourself and never give up.

For you non-believers here is a pic of my fitness journey over the years. Stay Strong My Friends.