P.U.S.H Past Failure

P.U.S.H Past Failure

How often do we talk about failure and the self-critical thoughts that occur as a result of it? Failure is part of the learning curve to teach you what does and doesn’t work for you. It is the magic that brings you closer to your goals.

When you want to make a change and succeed at something in your future, you have to P.U.S.H past your comfort zone-- your "imaginary" limits, your stale habits, and your negative mental self-talk. 

Picture this. You want to start lifting heavier, because you have been stuck with the same PRs for 6 months. So in order to get stronger faster, you keep trying to pick up the heaviest weight in the gym over and over again. How sustainable would this be for you in the long run to reach your goal?

How about instead you start small and increase your weight slowly with intentional movements and progression? Yeah the first time it is hard, the second time is hard, heck it just continues to be hard! But, eventually, you will become stronger and your body adapts. You will break past the point of what you’re used to and bring yourself to where you want to be goal wise but to do this you have to embrace the failure that will happen, accept how hard it will and learn from the setbacks that naturally occur.