Programming: Sustainable Training and Why?

The climate in fitness today is changing, and in some ways not for the better.  Yes, the industry it at an all-time high and there are more fitness facilities than ever before but what is really happening.  Are we truly doing everything we can to change our clients lives, I do not believe we are, we can always do more, it is our duty as coaches to do everything in our power to do right by our athletes.  Social media has blown up and now show cases Greek gods doing amazing things like muscle ups and lifting big weights.  Now everyone wants to be like them, right? Just join your local CrossFit Affiliate and you are now on the path to being better than Rich Froning in only 3 months.  This way of thinking that anyone can make it to the CrossFit Games is changing how we coach, program, and treat our athletes.  The simple truth is that coaches, business owners, and athletes alike need to get on board with smarter training.

We all love CrossFit, lets agree on that first, BUT we all know that there are continuous injuries and an underlying problem.  There needs to be a balance, Specialization leads to overuse injuries and imbalances, so in order to give that athletes to capabilities to continue to compete they work on those imbalances so they do not lead to injury. That is exactly what we do here at TSC.  TSC's training methods are first the understanding fundamental movement patterns within the human body.  Through this principle we can then focus on imbalances and simple moments in order to fix those inadequacies so that our athletes can continue to train smarter not harder.  It does not matter if you do CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, or Bootcamp classes, they are all connected.

Remember, we are here for our clients, we will continue to do this to through creating a Positive change in people’s lives and affect our communities with a positive light.