Reward Eating

Let's chat about: REWARDS today, specifically reward eating. 

Have you ever had this thought…...
"I've been doing SO well this week, I deserve [insert junk food here]” 
“That was a really hard workout, I deserve [insert junk food here]”  
“I’ve had a really bad day at work,I deserve [insert junk food here]”

**Often this behavioral chain happens in childhood, did your parents reward you with food? Always feel free to dig on your own experience with reward eating...where did it come from..why does it happen. Be OK with digging in and learning your own triggers and experiences***

Once we normalize what is happening let's stop and think for a second.... is this thought process TRULY helpful to you, your goals and furthermore your health journey? Probably not.
 Let's reframe that thought. Whenever you start to think about what you DESERVE, remember to practice DISCIPLINE and ask the real question:   “What does your body deserve?”