How to cope with an unsupportive partner in your health journey.

It happens in relationships and I think just normalizing it can really help while also openly talking about it: 

A few tips that can help in these situations: 

--Clear communication, sit down and really talk with your partner about what you need from them ... while reassuring them that THEY don't have to change!! And this is your journey!
--Be clear about what support you need! What does support look like to you?  Be transparent yet kind on what you need.
--Remind yourself that your health journey might not align with their thoughts, beliefs and opinions.....that is OK!! We are all on a different path and journey. They don't have to change if they don't want to. At the end of the day this is about you, your needs and your health! 
--If they are not supportive than seek out other support! Find your tribe!!!! Find an accountability buddy, a group, a class for additional support.  Build the tribe you need! 
--If they struggle with their own health and weight just be there for them, demonstrate great habits (while not pushing them on it) never know they might just start joining you! :)
--Try to understand that often the unsupportiveness is driven by fear in themselves, this is often about them and not about you. 
--If they have a favorite hobby make sure to support that too, maybe they enjoy painting and you enjoy exercise. Hobbies don't have to match just make sure what balances is the respect given to each other about the time, finances and space needed for those hobbies