Plain and simple, it’s the shit that no one wants to do. No one wants to row 250 meters fifteen times. No one wants to run eight 400 meter sprints. Trust me, I know. Once I hit that fourth round my brain goes through the thousand and one excuses on why I should just quit now. “It’s too hot outside, I’m sure I haven’t gotten in enough water to keep me hydrated all day.” “I’ve already worked out this morning, I should give my legs a break.” “It says between six and eight rounds, but it’s been a long week, maybe cut it to five.” So why do I do it? No one is forcing me to.

Because the excuses get old.

                Being an athlete, I’m pretty well aware of the things I’m just not good at. We all are. The things you dread. The stuff that isn’t fun. The things that are hard to get through. For me, it has always been endurance training. Ask me to pick up a heavy barbell and you can’t get the damn smile off my face. But, you ask me to run half a mile and you couldn’t get me to stop complaining even if you put a $50 bill at the finish line. To me it’s not fun. I definitely don’t look forward to doing it, and I struggle to mentally get through it. I finally got to the point, like I said before, where that feeling GOT OLD. I decided to finally stop making excuses, and get comfortable with the things I hate the most.

                I originally had started asking around, trying to get some input on where to start, and then I realized that no one is going to do this for me. I needed to do the research on my own, and find the things that I knew were going to hurt. Things that would challenge me both physically and mentally. You want a challenge?! Sit on a rower with the timer ticking down from 30 minutes… that will test you. The beauty of it is, that no one knows me better than I know myself. No one knows which workouts scare me, and which ones I can attack with confidence. The real test, though, is pushing yourself to welcome the elements you fear. You can complain about them all day, or you can put in the work. No one is going to do it for you.

That is when the real #bitchwork begins. There will always be your specialists, but those who are well rounded really shine. It’s about minimizing your weaknesses… so get to work!